COVID-19 Discussion: Understanding Vaccine Hesitancy

COVID-19 vaccination rates across Southeast Asia vary by country, as some individuals have been hesitant to take the vaccine. While some fear the immediate side-effects of the jab, others believe that it may not be safe in the long run.

In the podcast below, The Health Aisle’s Dr. Aliya Kassamali and MyDoc’s Dr. Matthew Lee Yee Song discuss the COVID-19 situation in Southeast Asia and address some of the misconceptions that exist surrounding the vaccine.

As mentioned by Dr. Lee, always refer to your local health authorities (Ministry of Health, etc.) for accurate and trustworthy health information about the vaccine!*

*If you have any further questions, help is only a click away! Reach out to a doctor directly in Pulse for a virtual consultation.

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Meet our experts:

Dr. Matthew Lee Yee Song is the Director of Clinical Operations at MyDoc and an accredited Public Health Specialist. He specializes in health policy and healthcare management, with experience working in both the U.K. and Singapore. With MyDoc, he drives digital health transformation across Asia to bring value-based healthcare to patients.

Dr. Aliya Kassamali, PharmD, has a Master’s in Business, Entrepreneurship, and Technology, and is the founder of The Health Aisle, an agency which specializes in the creation of unbiased, evidence-based health information. The Health Aisle produces consumer content for health companies that are passionate about educating and empowering their users to make informed health choices.