Understanding Narcissistic Abuse: A Personal Story

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and unfortunately, domestic abuse is a significant public health concern that occurs across all socioeconomic, religious, and cultural groups. It can take on many forms: physical, psychological, sexual, financial, and emotional.

In Southeast Asia, prevalence of domestic abuse ranges from 10-40%, with emotional/ psychological abuse being recognized as the most common form. However, across all forms, coercion and control are two factors that are always present amongst abusers.

In the podcast below, Lena Chauhan, Founder of RiseIQ, and Sabiha Ladak, Senior Regional Manager with Pulse by Prudential, speak with a brave domestic abuse survivor, Nali*.

Although Nali’s husband was a narcissistic abuser, it took her some time to recognize that what she was experiencing was actually abuse. She shares part of her story and ongoing journey to help others recognize signs and seek help if they are facing a similar situation in their intimate relationship.

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*Nali’s full name and video footage have not been shared in order to protect her identity.