Walking to Prevent Senility

Walking to Prevent Senility

Nowadays many people rarely walk from one place to another as there is already a simpler two-wheeled transportation; just sit and pull the gas. The ease of transportation in the modern era has inevitably changed not only ones’ lifestyle but also their character. But that does not mean we have to constantly use the vehicle to a place where the distance can be reached by foot, for example to the minimarket or to the market.

Why should we walk? It is because walking is not only one form of exercise that can make our body healthier, but can also help improve the brain’s memory ability.

Based on a recent study, frequent walking will improve the brain’s memory ability to and prevent senility in adults. Walking will increase the five senses and calm the mind. This is a very effective sport for both body and brain.

Walking not only provides health benefits such as weight loss and blood pressure, but also provides benefits to the mind such as improving memory.

Other research also shows that adults who walk more frequently have a lower risk of brain degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. In addition, walking can also increase body temperature and make the body feel relaxed and sleepy. It means that walking can also help people with sleep problems.

Although walking provides many benefits for brain health, it does not mean we can dismiss other aspects, such as maintaining food intake with balanced nutrition, maintaining weight, medical check-up, getting enough sunlight, not smoking, and keeping brain stimulated.

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